Faster Fonts for Speed Fanatics

A presentation at Prairie Dev Con in in Winnipeg, MB, Canada by Jeremy Wagner

Fonts! Guess those are a big thing now. You’re likely familiar with at least getting custom typefaces up and running. You probably even know some neat tricks beyond the basics, but do you know how to make your fonts fast? I mean, really fast? Fast is important.

Fonts are part of the critical request chain. If you’re not paying attention to your fonts beyond merely slapping up a Google Fonts link tag, you might be missing some big opportunities to speed things up. Stuff like preloading fonts, using font-display to render fallback text faster, more creative sub-setting choices, and electing to avoid non-essential typefaces specifically for users on limited data plans. If fast is your thing, zip into this session to allay your font fears, and learn to tune up your typefaces for maximum speed!