Jeremy Wagner

Jeremy Wagner

I’m a technical writer for Google Chrome. I love to write and speak about web performance, wherever that may be.

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The Weird, Yet Practical World of Paint Worklets CSSConf Budapest September 2019
Responsible JavaScript We Love Speed September 2019
Make it Boring JSConf US August 2019
Responsible JavaScript NEJS Conf August 2019
Responsible JavaScript NDC Oslo June 2019
Responsible JavaScript Prairie Dev Con June 2019
Making a Difference with Differential Serving Smashing Conference April 2019
Take a (Client) Hint! FullStack Fest September 2018
Demystifying Performance Timings Prairie Dev Con June 2018
Faster Fonts for Speed Fanatics Prairie Dev Con June 2018
Demystifying Performance Timings PerfMatters Conf March 2018
Faster Fonts for Speed Fanatics CSSConf AU March 2018

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